Nashville, Music, Friendship & Gypsi

Last week my husband and I had the priviledge of spending a few days in Nashville, TN with our dear friends Greg & Nicole Rapisardi. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nicole – I highly suggest you finding her on Facebook – Nicole Rayne – and friending her! She is an amazing singer / songwriter who works at the world famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge as a regular performer. Or if you’re ever in Nashville – stop by to see her. :)

Anywho – We were able to do a lot of sightseeing, eat a lot of great food, and spend a lot of quality time with our friends who we never get to see! But of course while we were in Nashville I couldn’t resist a photo shoot.

Nicole & Greg have been together about 13 years (wow!) and just had their first child, a beautiful little girl named Gypsi, about 2 years ago. As you can see in the images – she is quite a cutie – pa – tootie! And honeslty, one of the most well behaved 2 year olds I have ever encountered…EVER! She is a serious one – not many smiles to get out of her. But nonetheless, absolutely beautiful.

Thank you Greg & Nicole for having us over & all the great laughs, good wine & fantastic music!



Jordan + Anna {a dixie classic “affair”}

I had such a wonderful time with Anna & Jordan at the Dixie Classic Fair! One year ago Jordan proposed to Anna at the fair while on the ferris wheel. I was so thrilled when she mentioned doing some engagement shots there to commemorate their one year of being engaged! Here are a few of my favorite shots. It was so hard to narrow down just a few! :)


Brynn + Chris {Engaged!}

I’m so tickled to share a few of these images of Brynn & Chris. This couple has definitely stood the test of time. Being high school sweethearts, they have been together a number of years (I won’t tell so as not to tell their age, hehe). They are both lovers of animals & have a slew of fur babies (as you will see below!). And of course with me being the animal lover that I am – we had a great time on their shoot! Even the pups got some “close ups” done. However, the most special part about this shoot would be the images with Chris’s Jeep. This is the car that he took Brynn on their first date ever in. And they still have it!
I enjoyed every minute of this shoot & I hope you will, too!


Akira + Jamil {Engaged!}

Every August I participate in The Carolina Wedding Show in downtown Winston-Salem. It’s a great way of meeting & getting to know Brides around the triad and a great way to promote & get some business (of course!). This past show I decided to give away a FREE Engagement session to a lucky future Bride & Groom. Towards the end of the show the announcements & prizes would be given out to all the lucky Brides who had won great freebies from various vendors & businesses. That is when a gorgeous lady came running up to me with tears in her eyes & smiling from ear to ear. She was literally jumping up & down with excitement. Which of course made me do the same thing! The next thing I know we are hugging & laughing & so excited together! It was a wonderful moment to see someone get that emotional over something that I had done for them. It really warmed my heart – and still does just writing about it!

That is how I met Akira.

From that day – Akira & I started emailing back & forth and discussing ideas for her & Jamil’s shoot. I learned that she & Jamil both live & work in Charlotte. They both love & enjoy spending time around the city of Charlotte, preferably the jazz & arts district. So I said, HEY! Let’s go to Charlotte & shoot around the places they love to be! So that is exactly what we did (we being my wonderful assistant aka husband & I).

We immediately fell in love with Akira & Jamil. As you can see from these images – they are VERY much in love. I don’t think there could have been a better winner in my eyes. And I look very forward to their September 2014 wedding!!!



Erin {bridals}

Now that the “I do’s” have been exchanged, I can finally post these images! I’ve been dying to let the cat out of the bag & it was NOT an easy wait.

On the day I shot Erin’s bridal portraits it was raining, and I’m not just talking a little sprinkle…It was literally pouring cats & dogs. She & her mother had found a charming old historic house on the property of the Oak Ridge Military Academy, so we were going to do the session there. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about not being able to go outside & use natural light. Not because I didn’t feel confident in myself & my abilities as a photographer, but mainly because it was a first for me and a bit out of my comfort zone. But I gave myself a pep talk, thought about the approach I was going to take, held my head high and went for it. And Erin, I think we totally rocked it!!! {warm fuzzies, happy feeling!} So, without further ado…I am thrilled to present a few images of the lovely Erin.


Announcing Baby Simmons!!!

It is with great honor & excitement that I FINALLY get to show off a few of these images. I’ve been held to secrecy for weeks now and it’s been driving me crazy! But now I get to tell the world that Austin & Kristin Simmons are parents to be! This has been nearly a 5 year wait & encouragement for them to take the next step towards parenthood and they finally are. I couldn’t be more excited for my dear friends. They are going to be amazing parents. I love you Austin & Kristin! I am beyond thrilled for the two of you. Hooray!